About us

Our mission is to help maintain and protect your valuable flying assets.

Not everyone knows who is Aviatema, yet.

AVIATEMA Equipment is high quality aircraft equipment manufacturer and supplier that specialises in designing and producing various aircraft maintenance tools and equipment.

AVIATEMA Equipment is a new company of aviation professionals with pilot/maintenance know-how experience and high level aviation industry knowledge established just before the pandemic when the demand of our services was most needed due to aircraft grounding, security and maintenance. Today we are a rapidly growing company owing to reliable, responsible and trustworthy relationships with customers.

AVIATEMA Equipment applies innovative manufacturing technologies using special materials that fit the customer’s individual demands and allow them to save huge costs daily and facilitate the daily workload on maintenance crew and personnel.

AVIATEMA Equipment products are manufactured in EU. Our goal and mission is to provide high quality equipment to aviation industry consumers, to perfect aircraft maintenance tooling, assure high level service for commercial airlines and business aviation, increase MRO’s maintenance capabilities and ensure daily cost savings for all our customers with the help of our products.

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UAB „Aviatema equipment“ – jauna, veržli įmonė, gaminanti orlaivių ir erdvėlaivių įrangos dalis.
UAB „Aviatema equipment“ projekto tikslas – aukštos pridėtinės vertės produkcijos
eksporto skatinimas, naujų eksporto rinkų paieška ir jau esamų rinkų plėtra, įmonės
konkurencingumo didinimas.

Projekto trukmė 2024-04 –2025-04

Bendra projekto vertė 42 174,00 Eur, iš kurių 21 087,00 Eur finansuojama Europos
Sąjungos fondų lėšomis.

We can proudly say that we belong to FSDI Latvia and LGSPA federations contributing to a better and more secure Baltic Region.

We have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates. This means that our products meet the highest international standards of quality and environmental management.