Aircraft Covers

Our covers fabric is made out of high-strength synthetic yarn, which is very durable, waterproof and UV resistant. This fabric is woven together very tightly to be more durable, but at the same time, due to specifics of the yearn – this fabric is breathable. Breathable cover significantly reduces chance of corrosion not only to the engine components, but on the engine lip as well.

A340 winter covers
aviatema a340 cfm56 inlet covers winter 1 scaled

We have these engine covers (equivalent P.N listed below) in stock almost at any given time.

98D10003001000 , 98D10003002000 , RSE3406 , LMC11G84 , WL14L96A, RSE1244-A320, IAE1N20008, IAE1N20400, 98N1010H001-000, HU89022-2 and many more.

Any custom engine cover can be made easily within a few weeks.

APU Cover

aviatema a320apu scaled
aviatema b73napu

Landing gear covers

aviatema b737ng nose wheel cover scaled
aviatema boeing 737ng main and nose landing gear covers
aviatema main landing gear cover
aviatema nose landing gear cover

Engine Covers

aviatema  eclipse exhaust plug 1 scaled
aviatema 737 max engine exhaust plug scaled
aviatema a320 cfm inlet cover size
aviatema a320 cfm inlet cover scaled
aviatema a320 cfm56 engine cover inlet 1 scaled
aviatema a320 cfm56 inlet cover scaled
aviatema a320 cfm56 inlet cover2 scaled
aviatema a320 cfm56 inlet cover3 scaled
aviatema a320 cfm56 inlet cover4 scaled
aviatema a320 cfm56 inlet cover5 scaled
aviatema a320 engine exhaust plugs scaled
aviatema a320nplugs 1
aviatema a330 trent 700 engine inlet cover
aviatema a340 cfm56 inlet covers winter 1 scaled
aviatema a340 engine inlet winter
aviatema a340cfminlets
aviatema b737 ng cfm56 engine inlet covers scaled
aviatema b737 ng cfm56 engine inlet covers2 scaled
aviatema boeing 737ng engine exhaust plugs scaled
aviatema e190 engine cover cf34 scaled
aviatema e190 engine inlet cover scaled
aviatema e190 full set 2 scaled
aviatema e190 full set 3 scaled
aviatema e190 full set 4 scaled
aviatema e190 full set scaled
aviatema eclipse inlet plug scaled
aviatema embraer e190 engine cover
aviatema embraerplugs
aviatema b737ng engine exhaust plugs usa flag
aviatema b737ng engine plugs USA
aviatema b737ng engine inlet USA flag
  • Every part of the cover is UV resistant – fabric, threads, rubber, ropes and etc.
  • All critical areas are reinforced at least two times, which prevents tearing, ripping or other deterioration of the cover. Expected lifespan of a cover is approximately 4-5 years.
  • We can offer a variety of covers, starting from OEM design, front+back covers or completely custom solutions for specific client needs. Some of our own designed covers are Front + Back cover system solution. This design includes covers which are designed both for the front and back of the engine, which allows to completely seal the engine. This does not only reduces the workload, but also there is no need to cover engine with PVC film and trap moisture inside.
  • Our covers are made from material which is lighter than OEM fabric. They easily fit to FAK bags (which can be provided separately by us). And in the long term it saves fuel costs, as the aircraft has to carry less weight on board.
  • Due to intense scheduling, and huge workload, it is common to loose some covers during time of operations. We know that this only increases expenses for the company. We offer custom branding/printing on the covers for each customer, as it not only gives a better look but also makes it easier to find the covers if lost. Covers can be made of of a broad spectrum of material and webbing colours to satisfy wishes of anyone.

Aircraft Instrument Covers

  • Protection of all flight instruments is vital for a safe flight. While the aircraft is parked on the ground, each sensor has to be properly protected from FOD, ice, dust or other particles. We are manufacturing various kinds of instrument covers for protection.
  • Our pitot cover design is made out of two parts, the first one is an extremely durable, UV and weather resistant material, which protects the instrument from all conditions. The inner layer is made out of a heat resistant (up to 250°C ) which protects the instruments if the heating is left by an accident.
  • All covers are made out of very bright red material, which makes it easier to spot during the walk-around. Expected colour deterioration is more than 10 years, so it means, that even after numerous years of use, the cover will still remain bright red. Besides that, each cover has Remove Before Flight tag attached to it.
aviatema a320 pitot cover
aviatema aoa cover 1
aviatema aoa cover 2
static port cover

We have these instrument covers (equivalent P.N listed below) in stock almost at any given time.

98D10003003000 , 98A10001005000 , 98F10001003000 , 98L10001001000 , 98F10001000000 , 98D10103501000 , 98D10103500001 , 98D10103500042 , 98D10103500043 , 98D10103500000 , COM-1519 , TAT102 , FTC102 , KPC3-480-325 and many more.

Other Covers

Seat covers for maintenance or cargo carrying

Seat covers are manufactured from heavy duty polyvinyl chloride coated material, which is resistant to abrasion, water, oil and other chemicals.

These covers can be used to put on pilot seats in order to keep them clean during the heavy maintenance.

Off-link jet engine transportation/preservation bags

Protection of expensive and complex jet engines is a must. Covers protect engines from various external elements such as water, atmosphere particles, surface contamination, oil leaks and other factors.

We can provide few types of covers, starting from a complete engine off-link or partial covers for specific engine parts.

Cover repairs

Nothing is permanent. Sometimes all equipment fails or breaks down due to prolong use, manufacturing mistakes or incorrect use.

We offer repair services for any covers. It doesn’t matter if covers are made by us, or if they are original. If you have a cover which has some tears or rips, missing ball lock pin or just needs an inspection – we’re here to help.

Other covers

With our broad experience in technical textiles, we are able to offer custom solutions for each client. No matter the quantity, size, shape, difficulty or type of material, we can adopt to customer needs.

B737 cl/ng wheel well wash covers

We’ve developed special covers for Boeing 737 CL/NG/MAX wheel well compartment technical washing procedure. These covers are made out of special material, which is resistant to almost any chemicals such as Skydrol, JET-A1, hydraulic fluid and etc.

These covers reduce the work load and takes only 15 minutes for one person to install on all bearings, rods, connectors, mixers which are listed in B737 AMM.

Landing gear covers for storage and external wash-down

It is important to use wheel covers for long term storage of the aircraft, as they not only prolong the lifespan of tyres by protecting them from harmful UV rays, but they also protect brake rotors, connectors and part of the shock strut.

We are manufacturing wheel covers from few types of materials. First one is a heavy -duty synthetic fabric coated in polyvinyl chloride. This fabric is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, UV rays and etc. These covers are used for storage procedures. The second one is a specially coated synthetic fabric, which is resistant to almost any chemicals such as Skydrol, JET-A1, hydraulic fluid and etc. These covers are used for aircraft washing procedures during the maintenance period.

Heat shields & cockpit covers

In order to keep the cockpit interior in the best shape, it is mandatory to use heat shields. These covers protect interior trim against harmful UV rays and heat, making it look new and fresh.