Engine covers

Aviatema Engine Covers are made out of lightweight and very durable material. Breathable material will not hold humidity inside the engine and allows constant air circulation,
eliminating the risk of corrosion.

Front + Back cover:
Design of Aviatema Engine Covers include back cover, which eliminates the need to cover the engine back with PVC material during aircraft standstill. Covering aircraft engine with material not suitable for purpose of engine covers is dangerous and accelerates risk of corrosion, and shortens lifetime of the engine.

Why Aviatema covers?

• The material of Aviatema cover is breathable and water resistant. It significantly reduces chance of corrosion, as well eliminates chance of condensate inside the engine (some of airlines are forced to open covers in the mornings to ventilate the engine, which means extra workload).

• Aviatema covers cover both front and back, which eliminates necessity to cover back of the engine with PVC film.

• Since both sides of engine are covered, the strapping system is made in such way that it connects directly front cover to back cover with polyester fabric belt, meaning there is no strapping to the engine itself, which eliminates the issues of connecting or removing covers in icing conditions. As well, due to the type of strapping system, it prolongs the lifetime of cover itself.

• Due to design of covers supplied by manufacturer, comparing to Aviatema covers, the size and weight of covers are significantly higher. Aviatema covers weight less than 5kg (1 engine), as well as the overall size of the cover is significantly smaller. In the long term it saves fuel costs for the company.

• We offer to design the cover including company logo.


P.N. we currently have in stock: 98D10003001000 , 98D10003002000 , RSE3406 , LMC11G84 , WL14L96A and many more. 

Other covers can be manufactured in less than 2 weeks.