AOG 24/7 Line

Have you encountered a sudden AOG situation and need an inflatable maintenance shelter for engine change or other repairs?

We’re here to help you!

If your aircraft recently had a birdstrike or encountered another technical difficulty, Aviatema Equipment is offering a lease option for inflatable shelters for AOG situations. Inflatable shelter is perfect for engine change, boroscope inspection or routine maintenance. We always have few shelters in stock for AOG support.

Additionally we are offering AOG 24/7 Express shipping. In just under 24 hours from your request we can deliver shelter almost anywhere in the EU.

Current inventory:

· Boeing 737 CL/NG/MAX engine change shelter
· Airbus A320 CEO/NEO engine change shelter

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    What comes in the AOG kit?

    B737 shelter for rent

    AOG kit comes with the most important part – inflatable engine maintenance shelter designed for specific tasks.

    AOG kit comes with a heavy duty blower for inflation which runs on 220V 50hz with type F connector for EU region and 110V 60hz blower with type A connector for US and Canada. Other connectors are available upon request.

    Each AOG kit comes in a hardcase wooden transportation box with additional wheels.

    AOG kit includes a tripod with LED lights so you will not need to worry about operations during the night period.

    We know that AOG situations are very stressful, so we include additional supplies for engineers such as – nitrile gloves, duct tape, shelter repair kit, flashlight, zip-ties, extension cord and etc.

    Additionally offering

    Boeing shelter for rent inside

    With a help of our partners we are able to offer engine stands to lease or purchase for engine change.

    We have a 220V 50hz power generator to lease additionally for AOG situations for constant electricity power for blower and all electric equipment.

    We can help to organise a team of experienced engineers for engine change or borescope inspections.

    Additionally we can supply you with some specific tools or consumables that might be needed for maintenance.