What are the benefits of having aircraft maintenance shelter?

Inflatable aircraft maintenance shelter - our solution for your hangar space shortage and AOG situations.

· Cost saving

According to our calculations, shelter fully pays off in just 3-4 AOG situations where hangar place would be needed. And this is just a direct costs. 

· Safe environment

Can you image how useful this shelter is for engineers in a cold and windy environment? Or can you image working on a direct sunlight near the desert with a lot of dust? This inflatable private working space not only boosts morale of engineers but improves works quality and saves time.

· Easier planning

If you have a high load of maintenance to be done on different aircraft, shelter also comes in handy as it is very easy to relocate it to other place. 

· Customisation

We’re able to manufacture custom maintenance shelters for specific tasks, starting from a NLG maintenance and finishing with full inflatable hangar for narrow-body aircraft.

· on site training

We are able to offer on site training option for airlines and MROs for additional cost.

Training usually takes up to 2 days. During the training, you will learn all nooks and crannies of shelter operations, repairs and other useful operation things.

Aviatema A220 engine shelter

· Amenities

We are offering supplementary equipment like LED lighting, heater, engine access ladders and engine stands to make maintenance operations easier.

Make your engine change or inspection easier, faster and more comfortable for your engineers with our inflatable maintenance shelter.

· Fast & Easy

Maintenance shelter can be fully inflated and ready for operations in just a matter of minutes.
For example Boeing 737Ng engine shelter weighs only 70kg, which makes it very easy to handle for only 3 people.

· Your AOG friend

We know how unexpected and difficult AOG situations can be. Our shelter is a perfect tool for these unexpected moments.

Shelter comes in a box with all accessories included, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

· Durable

Maintenance shelter is made from very strong modern materials, which are waterproof, UV resistant and long lasting.


Inflatable maintenace shelters for:

· Airbus A220                                                         · Airbus A318 , A319 , A320 and A321            · Airbus A330 , A340                                            · Airbus A350.                                                        · Airbus A380


Inflatable maintenance shelters for:

 · Boeing B737CL, B737NG and B737MAX         · Boeing 747 200-800.                                           · Boeing 757                                                           · Boeing 767 / 777                                                 · Boeing 787


Inflatable maintenance shelters for:

· Embraer E190 / 196                                          · Embraer E170 / 175

We can offer custom solutions for your needs


We try to have as much shelters in stock as possible, most of them are made to order.

We can offer various shelters for almost any operations, starting with the most common engine maintenance shelters and finishing with custom made shelters for passenger boarding and ect.

Currently we are able to offer these shelters for any type of aircraft:

· Engine maintenance shelter                                                                · Nose shelter                                                                                            · Nose landing gear shelter                                                                    · Main landing gear shelter                                                                      · Cargo door shelter                                                                                  · Fuselage shelter                                                                                      · A/C maintenance shelter                                                                      · Wing shelter

Any custom shelter can be made within 3-4 weeks upon request.