· Our covers are made out of synthetic material which is specifically woven together very tightly. This special technique allows material to be breathable, but at the same time waterproof. This significantly reduces chance of corrosion not only on the engine components, but on the engine lip as well.

· Every part of the cover is UV resistant. Critical areas are reinforced, preventing tearing, ripping and other deterioration of the cover, with expected lifespan of over 5 years.

· We offer a variety of covers, starting from OEM design with belt straps or pins and finishing with custom made covers for mono exhaust engines, specific engines, their parts and etc. 

We have these engine covers (equivalent P.N listed below) in stock almost at any given time.

98D10003001000 , 98D10003002000 , RSE3406 , LMC11G84 , WL14L96A, RSE1244-A320, IAE1N20008, IAE1N20400, 98N1010H001-000, HU89022-2 and many more. AVT-A320CFM56 AVT-A320IAE25 AVT-B73NCFM56 AVT-A330TR700 AVT-A340CF AVT-A320LEA1A AVT-A340CFM56

Any custom engine cover can be made easily within a few weeks. 

· Some of our own designed covers are Front + Back. This design includes front and back cover which are attached with polyester webbing to each other. This not only reduces work load, extra PVC film material but also prevents any contaminants from reaching the engine as well as preventing corrosion.

· Covers made from our material are lighter than original ones. They fit really easy to FAK bags and area easily transportable. In long term it saves fuel costs for the company.

· We know how important for the company is to have equipment labelled with their custom branding strategy, so we’re offering customisable covers starting from inventory numbers and going up to multi-colour logos.  Covers can be made from a broad spectrum of material and webbing colours to satisfy wishes of anyone.


Airbus A320 AOA cover
Airbus A320 AOA cover

· Protection of all flight instruments is vital for a safe flight. We’re manufacturing instrument covers for any kind of aircraft.

· Pitot cover inner layer is made out from special, heat resistant material, which is capable of withstanding up to 300°C

· Cover is designed to cover the entire pitot assembly. Covers tightens to the pitot probe with velcro strap or a metal clip.

· All instrument covers have RBF tag and are bright red colour, which makes it easy to spot them even at the night.

We have these instrument covers (equivalent P.N listed below) in stock almost at any given time.

98D10003003000 , 98A10001005000 , 98F10001003000 , 98L10001001000 , 98F10001000000 , 98D10103501000 , 98D10103500001 , 98D10103500042 , 98D10103500043 , 98D10103500000 , COM-1519 , TAT102 , FTC102 , KPC3-480-325 and many more.





Seat covers for maintenance or cargo carrying

Seat covers are manufactures from heavy duty PVC material, which is resistant to abrasion, water, oil and other chemicals. 

These covers are mostly used to put on pilot chairs during cockpit maintenance in order to keep them clean. Also these covers can be used to preserve PAX seats while carrying boxed cargo inside the aircraft.

Landing gear covers for storage and external wash-down

It is very important to cover landing gear and its components (especially brakes) during long term parking, as it protects tyres from harmful UV rays, weather conditions and atmosphere particles. These covers can also be used for external aircraft washing as they prevent harsh chemicals getting inside brakes.

Off-link jet engine transportation/preservation bags

Protection of expensive and complex jet engines is a must. Covers protect engines from various external elements such as water, atmosphere particles, surface contamination, oil leaks or other factors.

We can offer few types of covers, starting from complete covers, which enclose entire engine, partial covers for exhaust, intakes and ect and finishing with specific component covers, which can be designed to customers specifications.

APU exhaust/inlet protection plugs

Don’t forget to protect small engine at the back of the aircraft. We provide various plugs for APU exhaust/duct and intake.

Available P.N: RSABG0003 , C10003 , SPL-1518 , 98D10007512000 , R10009-A320

B737 CL/NG wheel well wash covers

Covers specifically developed for Boeing 737 CL/NG wheel well compartment tech wash.

These covers are made out of material which is resistant to Skydrol , JETA-1 , A151 cleaner and ect.

It takes only 15 minutes for 1 person to install all covers and cover all bearings, rods, connectors listed in Boeing 737 CL/NG AMM

Heat shields & Cockpit covers. 

Reflective covers designed for cockpit interior, screens and plastics preservation during long term storage. These covers installation takes only few minutes and no additional tape or glue is required.

Small inlets

Protection of the aircraft to the smallest detail. We can offer various small plugs or covers for various aircraft inlets such as RAM, A/C and ect. These covers prevent small debris and birds from getting inside.

Maintenance covers

Safety covers and signs to notify technicians about ongoing maintenance or faulty systems.

Tire covers for storage and transportation.

We also make covers/bags designed for easy transportation and protection of the wheel/tyre.

Storage bags / FAK

Various storage bags for covers, tools and other maintenance parts as well as FAK bags/cases (Fly away kit)


We are offering repair services for all kinds of covers. It doesn’t matter if covers are made by us, or if they are original. If you have a cover which has some tears or rips, missing ball lock pins or other parts – we’re here to help. 

Contact us at for a quote